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Week 22: Wet cotton balls

20 Aug

Cotton balls


The inspiration for this activity comes from: Fun at home with kids



All that is needed is cotton balls (I added some make up removers too), a container with water and food colouring. Too easy!



I added a cotton ball in to the water and straight away Princess Peanut grabbed it up… but once she did she quickly dropped it! Unimpressed Mumma!!IMG_8145


But like the determined Princess she is, in went some more cotton balls (Still not overly thrilled with the feel of the cotton balls).IMG_8147


What happens if I squish them Mumma?



I added some food colouring in to the middle of some dry cotton balls and then we added them in to the water. She was mesmerised by the colours bleeding.



Mumma, that was fun, but let’s pack up now! She grabbed these two bowls herself and started taking out the cotton balls.



And in her usual style… “Mess mess mess” she grabbed a scarf to clean up the water while I was getting a towel! Funny poppet!


Verdict: quick, cheap and easy to prepare and do. We had everything on hand, and while Princess Peanut’s pants got wet (and needed to dry) it wasn’t that messy!

Extension: the colours in the cotton balls worked fairly well, but not quite what I was expecting. I wonder if I dyed the cotton balls first and let them dry, then put them in the water whether they would be a bit more enticing for Princess Peanut…



Week 18: Masking tape

7 Jul

The original pin comes from The Stay-at-home-Mom Survival Guide

This was a quick activity, so here we go….



We started off with a few short, individual strips of masking tape on Princess Peanut’s table and straight away she started to pull them off and hand each one straight to me!





Princess Peanut wasn’t too impressed with it sticking to her fingers though!







After Princess Peanut did the first lot of tape so quickly I put down some different length strips and overlapped them. Again Princess Peanut was straight to work.





Oh Mumma this is serious work, my mission is to get every last bit!

IMG_7667Please Mumma I don’t like it on my fingers – quick take it from me!


Verdict: a great little activity that got Princess Peanut’s fingers working on her fine motor skills. It was also an opportunity for Princess Peanut to have a go at a different sensory experience, while still not keen she completed the mission activity. I was surprised how quick she was, it only took a few minutes all up! No cost as we had masking tape at home – bonus!!

Extension/ Adaption: I was wondering how curling the tape would go, while it wouldn’t provide any more challenge in picking it up, it would make it sticky on the top side as well as bottom.


Week 15: salt dough handprint

24 May

handprint 11

This week’s inspiration comes from:

Praises of a wife and mommy

123 Homeschool for me (wonder how much wilton gel she used?!). This is the recipe we used.

Millyme (not an actual blog, just some inspiration)

My partner in crime and I decided to do a trial run of this so we could re-do the activity with our Mother’s group for Mother’s day.

My partner in crime prepared our activity for this week.

handprint 2 copy

handprint 4

Some food colouring in.

handprint 6

SweetPea having an explore of the saltdough.


handprint 8

handprint 11

SweetPea doing her handprint. Woohoo!


Princess Peanut not as enthusiastic as SweetPea… What is Mumma doing to me!

Before baking…

handprint 15

SweetPea’s footprint.

handprint 17 copy

After baking the back side of the prints had a “wetter” look. After all the time in the oven we assume they are baked enough though!

The finished products:

handprint 18 copy

handprint 19 copy

Look Mumma – this is how we did it! Every time Princess Peanut has seen the canvas she puts her hand on it – so cute!

I mounted Princess Peanut’s handprint on a painted canvas. On the back I have written her name, age and “Mother’s Day”

handprint 20 copy

A little bit of sparkle in their too.. 😉

Verdict: It worked out really well. I had attempted this last year for Father’s Day and it didn’t work out as well (the prints rose and cracked) and the colour wasn’t very nice (I painted the whole thing over the top).

After seeing MillyMe and another Pin from Pinterest (which I can’t show you as they took it off Pinterest due to copyright) I decided to be adventurous and do both mine and Princess Peanut’s handprint.

I think it looks really good (I would make it a better shape next time, but that is easier said than done). In my oven (which I have discovered in recent weeks is dodgy) it took ALL day to cook, but I am sure if you have a “normal” oven the 6 hours would be plenty. I also turned it over for a bit of cooking on the bottom to see if that got rid of the wet look, it made it a little better, but not that noticeable.

So cheap as well as it is mainly pantry items!!

Adaptions: As I said above I would have made a nicer shape to the saltdough before doing the handprint, but otherwise I am sooooo happy with this. It has pride of place on my new shelves (thanks hubby) in our loungeroom ❤

Week 13- Oatmeal playdough

2 May

Week 13’s inspiration came from the Mama Pea Pod blog by a guest blogger from A Teacher at Heart.

A nice, easy recipe to prepare with pantry ingredients, the recipe is at the bottom of Sarah’s post. I was able to make the playdough up while Princess Peanut was eating her lunch (and it had enough time to cool while she played with her toys).

Ok…ready Princess Peanut?


Ready Mumma!!

Uhoh! Princess Peanut we don’t need to throw it over the edge – it’s not food!!


Ok Mumma….I’ll pick at it then! And pull a face 😉


Oooh! That’s the way Princess Peanut!


It feels funny doesn’t it!? A bit firmer and “rougher” than our normal playdough.


Uhoh! You couldn’t resist could you?


We made some Gingerbread men together. Princess Peanut can you show me the bubba?


Playing with the tools is a bit fun also….especially when we can DESTROY!!! mwahh ha ha ha!

IMG_7168Ooh! Having a ball!

SUMMARY/ VERDICT: Yay! Princess Peanut and I had so much fun playing with playdough (I felt like I was back in the classroom). We talked (“labelled”) everything we did together – rolling, pressing, cutting, etc. As I mentioned above it was easy to prepare and cheap (all pantry ingredients). I can’t wait for Princess Peanut to become more involved in making and exploring with the playdough.
This was a good playdough to use for Princess Peanut to get used to different textures!

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: Oops – after a few weeks in it’s container it went moldy 😦 I think it sweated in the container….or maybe some air got in it as Princess Peanut explored “on” and “off” with lids the past couple of weeks!

Week 3 – Ball games

5 Feb


So for our 3rd activity we are planning on this one from ‘Kids activity blog’ – Games for baby: Muffin tin fun.

Jennifer posted this activity and it looks simple, cheap (especially as we have everything on hand) and fun.

Princess Peanut has only just got interested in balls over the past few months, before that she was terrified (especially of the spikey, sensory balls) – quirky child 😉

Depending on how this activity goes (and for how long) I have a back up plan… a sensory bin of different balls. This one from Plain Vanilla Mom looks enticing!

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