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Week 17 – Magnetic fun

21 Jun

This week’s inspiration has come from Octavia and Vicki

These magnets are so cute and my partner in crime also recommended them, so how could we refuse!

Armed with our magnets and baking tray, Princess Peanut took to them straight away.

IMG_7603 copy

She ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over the different animals, and enjoyed picking them up and looking at them. She also liked popping them back on the tray and feeling the attraction of the magnets.

IMG_7608 copy

We then narrowed down the magnets to the animals she can make the sounds of and spent a little while doing “what does the ** say?”

IMG_7610 copy

I left her to explore the magnets by herself for a couple of minutes and….. Then Princess Peanut had a great idea! Oooooh Mumma I think these can go on the fridge (complete with a lot of loud “ooohing” as she practically ran to the fridge!)

IMG_7611 copy

Yup Mumma, they do go on the fridge!

IMG_7626 copy

Look at all these animals on the fridge.

Verdict: Lots of fun – these magnets are awesome! Princess Peanut loves to play with them all the time (literally – all.the.time!) They find their way in to bags, in boxes, on the highchair, on her table – everywhere. She has wanted to take them out with us, eat dinner with them on her highchair and will have at least one in her hand around the clock. She has experimented with putting them on different surfaces and was excited that they stuck to the dishwasher, but frustrated that they didn’t go on the cupboards (can anyone say tantrum?). For around $15 (plus postage) I think it was a good buy.

Extension/ Adaptions: I can see us using the magnets for different learning experiences and games just as the blog post from Octavia and Vicki. I would love to do a ‘which one is missing?’ when she is a bit older. At the moment as she is learning about the different animals and what they say we add them on to the  fridge so we can talk about them during the day.

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