Week 14: Tissue box – in and out

3 May



Here is the last catch up post before I can post this week’s activity.

For the past few weeks Princess Peanut has been obsessed with ‘in’ and ‘out’, and more recently, ‘on’ and ‘off’. So I thought it was prime time to do this activity!

The inspiration comes from Making boys men.


So here is Princess Peanut – no explanation or modelling needed her. There were blocks…there was a box…of course the blocks have to go in the box!!


She had such great fun putting the blocks in with such confidence she could do it with her eyes closed, well her back turned at least!



This automatically turned into building a tower of her very own for the first time! ❤ how exciting and wonderful to watch her concentrate and see how the blocks fit together.IMG_7178You can see the tower isn’t straight, but she was experimenting and learning all at the same time! She only needed a little bit of help from Teacher Mumma to help hold the tower still every so often.

Summary/ Verdict: A nice easy to prepare activity (once I remembered to save the tissue box) and CHEAP! Princess Peanut automatically knew what to do!

Extensions/ Adaptions: Princess Peanut has made adaptions all of her very own by experimenting what will fit in the box. So many things that could be used – pom poms, lids, small balls, Little People (or similar figurines), small animal figurines, wooden blocks, cars….the list could go on forever! 😉 An easy activity for language development or following directions. Easily done by labeling what you are doing (‘in’, ‘out’), colour recognition, please/ thank you, asking for items “May I please have the…”, etc. So much from such a simple activity!



Week 13- Oatmeal playdough

2 May

Week 13’s inspiration came from the Mama Pea Pod blog by a guest blogger from A Teacher at Heart.

A nice, easy recipe to prepare with pantry ingredients, the recipe is at the bottom of Sarah’s post. I was able to make the playdough up while Princess Peanut was eating her lunch (and it had enough time to cool while she played with her toys).

Ok…ready Princess Peanut?


Ready Mumma!!

Uhoh! Princess Peanut we don’t need to throw it over the edge – it’s not food!!


Ok Mumma….I’ll pick at it then! And pull a face 😉


Oooh! That’s the way Princess Peanut!


It feels funny doesn’t it!? A bit firmer and “rougher” than our normal playdough.


Uhoh! You couldn’t resist could you?


We made some Gingerbread men together. Princess Peanut can you show me the bubba?


Playing with the tools is a bit fun also….especially when we can DESTROY!!! mwahh ha ha ha!

IMG_7168Ooh! Having a ball!

SUMMARY/ VERDICT: Yay! Princess Peanut and I had so much fun playing with playdough (I felt like I was back in the classroom). We talked (“labelled”) everything we did together – rolling, pressing, cutting, etc. As I mentioned above it was easy to prepare and cheap (all pantry ingredients). I can’t wait for Princess Peanut to become more involved in making and exploring with the playdough.
This was a good playdough to use for Princess Peanut to get used to different textures!

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: Oops – after a few weeks in it’s container it went moldy 😦 I think it sweated in the container….or maybe some air got in it as Princess Peanut explored “on” and “off” with lids the past couple of weeks!

Week 12: Egg carton fun

28 Apr

Ok, I’m a little behind in the blogging department, but Princess Peanut and I have still been doing our activities. So we will have to play catch-up with our posting.

Here is week 12…


Our inspiration for this activity came from 

The Educator’s spin on it  and Dirt and boogers

We managed to get a bit of a collection up of plastic eggs, so I thought we should put them to good use. Princess Peanut is a bit fascinated with little things fitting inside things. She is also loving “in” and “out”. So armed with this I thought this activity would be perfect. (I’m also sure I have pinned another pin along these lines, but do you think I could find it!?).



The only problem with our activity was the eggs kept popping apart. But I didn’t want to seal them up in case we want to use them for another activity.

Princess Peanut was excited to see her little eggs all the same.



This also gave her an opportunity to practice closing the lid and opening it again. Very excited learning indeed. 



Princess Peanut loves to open the eggs, but gets frustrated when she can’t put them back together again.



After a little while I introduced pom poms! So pretty and enticing! And they also feel funny. She did try tasting one and quickly decided that they were much more fun to play with.



Here’s Princess Peanut putting the pom poms in the egg carton.


SUMMARY/ VERDICT: a great activity that kept Princess Peanut engaged for around 20 minutes or so! She was quite happy to turn her back on me and explore without any help and would turn around every so often to show me something or ask my help to put the eggs together.


EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: I must remember to get some more pom poms as she thought these were great. I should have a whole set the same size. We might also try some other things like cotton balls. This will be a great activity to do when we are exploring 1 to 1 correspondence in the future 😉


Week 11: Photo book

6 Apr

Inspiration: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UDrRNcimEag/T2wLHHpiS1I/AAAAAAAAAqU/9o6xi9kRQSM/s640/IMG_7723.JPG

Quickie from me as we are on holidays. I made Princess Peanut a quick book (not as fancy as the one in the link) to take away with us. I was hoping to save it for the flight home, but somebody discovered it as we were leaving and has been in love with it ever since. If she sees it, she asks for it (and a bit of a temper tantrum ensues if you don’t give it to her quick enough).

Princess Peanut loves pointing to her family members and hearing us say their names (she looks at us and waits for us to say their name and smiles). She loves flipping through the pages by herself – it has kept her quiet on numerous occasions. Princess Peanut has even begun pointing and naming “Mumma” and “Dadda” and has a go at naming other people (usually being named Dadda, Mumma or Nanna).




Week 10 – Easter eggs

30 Mar


Original Blog Inspiration: The Educator’s Spin on it


So I found these little plastic eggs at Woolies to use and snuck them out ready to go while Princess Peanut was having a nap. They are lovely and bright, but the down side is that they are really easy to pop apart. But Princess Peanut still had a ball. This activity kept her busy for at least an half an hour!


Here she is having a peak inside the jar. Princess Peanut also had fun just putting the lid of the jar on and off.


She loved hearing and watching them while she shook the jar.


After a while of playing and exploring I snuck one away and placed a pom pom inside.


“OOOOOH!” said Princess Peanut. We had fun with this little pom pom for awhile (I kept putting it in the egg and she kept discovering it and saying “oooh!”).


You can see how enthralled she is here.



SUMMARY/ VERDICT: Fantastic! Princess Peanut was enthralled for ages with this activity. I would like to do more with these eggs at a later date too.

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: Hopefully next Easter we can find some new eggs that might be a bit thicker in plastic. These ones break easy. I also have a packet of larger eggs that we can hide things in and if I seal the little holes in them I could use them as shakers and a listening activity when Princess Peanut is older (i.e. different items inside the eggs and compare their sounds).


Week 10 Inspiration!!

27 Mar

Here is my inspiration for this week’s activity – in honour of Easter!


I miss this time of the year in the classroom – so many fun activities, art and excitement to be had!


Post on how this activity went to follow soon!

Week 9: Homemade Maracas

24 Mar




My inspiration for this weeks’ task came from Laughing Kids Learn. A nice simple and quick activity to put together. I went on a hunt to find some nice, small to handle and CHEAP containers, looking like the ones on the Laughing Kids Learn blog post. I didn’t think it would be a hard task, but obviously I looked in all the wrong shops.  The next best thing I could find were cheap jelly moulds.

Blog IMG_6207

So here is Sweet Pea with the said mould. I did one set of 3 up for each of the moulds. One contained small pasta shapes, one with rice and one with rolled oats.

Blog IMG_6212

Here is Princess Peanut checking out the different maracas. After a quick discussion and not really grabbing the girls interest (Princess Peanut seriously! We do Kindermusik and I can’t drag you away from all the instruments!!) my Partner in Crime got out her box of tricks (well collection of art recyclables) and found a couple of clear containers. A quick rummage in the kitchen and she found some empty herb jars too. We transferred the pasta, rice and oats into the new containers…

Blog IMG_6221



And here is Princess Peanut shaking her rice and having a good look inside.

Blog IMG_6225ed

Sweet Pea is also fascinated by what is in her jar.

Blog IMG_6229

Princess Peanut of course likes the loud ones the best!

Blog IMG_6231The glass herb jars made a cool sound (obviously we had to be careful being that it was glass. The girls were on a rubber mat and watched by us throughout the activity). They were also the perfect size for holding and clear so they could see what was inside.

SUMMARY/ VERDICT: This was so easy to prepare and definitely one to keep on hand. Princess Peanut loves to make noise and we do have a bit of a jam together so I am sure these will come in handy.

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: I will remain on the lookout for some cheap, clear, small containers to use. We can also mix it up and use some different things inside (I do have red lentils on hand). When she is older we can use all sorts of things and talk about how they sound/ look, what might they sound like, putting in more or less of each item. etc.


Until next time 😀






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