Week 13- Oatmeal playdough

2 May

Week 13’s inspiration came from the Mama Pea Pod blog by a guest blogger from A Teacher at Heart.

A nice, easy recipe to prepare with pantry ingredients, the recipe is at the bottom of Sarah’s post. I was able to make the playdough up while Princess Peanut was eating her lunch (and it had enough time to cool while she played with her toys).

Ok…ready Princess Peanut?


Ready Mumma!!

Uhoh! Princess Peanut we don’t need to throw it over the edge – it’s not food!!


Ok Mumma….I’ll pick at it then! And pull a face 😉


Oooh! That’s the way Princess Peanut!


It feels funny doesn’t it!? A bit firmer and “rougher” than our normal playdough.


Uhoh! You couldn’t resist could you?


We made some Gingerbread men together. Princess Peanut can you show me the bubba?


Playing with the tools is a bit fun also….especially when we can DESTROY!!! mwahh ha ha ha!

IMG_7168Ooh! Having a ball!

SUMMARY/ VERDICT: Yay! Princess Peanut and I had so much fun playing with playdough (I felt like I was back in the classroom). We talked (“labelled”) everything we did together – rolling, pressing, cutting, etc. As I mentioned above it was easy to prepare and cheap (all pantry ingredients). I can’t wait for Princess Peanut to become more involved in making and exploring with the playdough.
This was a good playdough to use for Princess Peanut to get used to different textures!

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: Oops – after a few weeks in it’s container it went moldy 😦 I think it sweated in the container….or maybe some air got in it as Princess Peanut explored “on” and “off” with lids the past couple of weeks!


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