Week 9: Homemade Maracas

24 Mar




My inspiration for this weeks’ task came from Laughing Kids Learn. A nice simple and quick activity to put together. I went on a hunt to find some nice, small to handle and CHEAP containers, looking like the ones on the Laughing Kids Learn blog post. I didn’t think it would be a hard task, but obviously I looked in all the wrong shops.  The next best thing I could find were cheap jelly moulds.

Blog IMG_6207

So here is Sweet Pea with the said mould. I did one set of 3 up for each of the moulds. One contained small pasta shapes, one with rice and one with rolled oats.

Blog IMG_6212

Here is Princess Peanut checking out the different maracas. After a quick discussion and not really grabbing the girls interest (Princess Peanut seriously! We do Kindermusik and I can’t drag you away from all the instruments!!) my Partner in Crime got out her box of tricks (well collection of art recyclables) and found a couple of clear containers. A quick rummage in the kitchen and she found some empty herb jars too. We transferred the pasta, rice and oats into the new containers…

Blog IMG_6221



And here is Princess Peanut shaking her rice and having a good look inside.

Blog IMG_6225ed

Sweet Pea is also fascinated by what is in her jar.

Blog IMG_6229

Princess Peanut of course likes the loud ones the best!

Blog IMG_6231The glass herb jars made a cool sound (obviously we had to be careful being that it was glass. The girls were on a rubber mat and watched by us throughout the activity). They were also the perfect size for holding and clear so they could see what was inside.

SUMMARY/ VERDICT: This was so easy to prepare and definitely one to keep on hand. Princess Peanut loves to make noise and we do have a bit of a jam together so I am sure these will come in handy.

EXTENSIONS/ ADAPTIONS: I will remain on the lookout for some cheap, clear, small containers to use. We can also mix it up and use some different things inside (I do have red lentils on hand). When she is older we can use all sorts of things and talk about how they sound/ look, what might they sound like, putting in more or less of each item. etc.


Until next time 😀







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