Week 8: Spaghetti!!

16 Mar

I didn’t get a chance to do my pre-activity blog post  this week – and my post-activity blog entry is a bit late too. But…better late than never.

So this week’s inspiration came from:

mamaot “messy play with rainbow spaghetti”

growing a jewelled rose “setting the stage for group sensory play”

hands on as we grow “slimy spaghetti sensory activity for toddlers”


I was hoping that this activity was going to be a winner – Princess Peanut LOVES pasta!  and yay – it was!

So we cooked up 2 packets of spaghetti and divided them into 4 lots. Each lot was a different colour (yellow, green, blue and red) – this proved a little more challenging than I thought. I tried to stir the colour through the spaghetti, but that didn’t work that well (I needed to have a very large bowl). I then used tongs, which was a bit better. In the end I used my Tupperware mixing bowl with a lid and shook the spaghetti. I did use a bit of cooking oil as the spaghetti was cooking so it didn’t stick together, which worked perfectly (although I did have to wash the floor twice).

So fairly easy prep – all cooked and coloured and put in a tub…and we were set.



The girls got straight into it – Princess Peanut a little more cautiously than Sweet Pea.



Princess Peanut need to see Mumma put it on her own hand, before trying anything (except eating it that is!)




Those colours look so enticing Sweet Pea!



Yum yum!



What slimy fun!



Yum yum Princess Peanut – why is Teacher Mumma not surprised! 😉



We even did some sharing!



Princess Peanut then thought that Sweet Pea needed some help in putting even more spaghetti on her legs!



Great job Sweet Pea – that does look like a lot of fun!!



This activity kept the girls entertained for quite awhile!



We hid some small objects in the tub for the girls to find (duplo and little plastic balls)



Yay Princess Peanut! Get in there!



At the end Princess Peanut decided to push the tub around the kitchen. I must admit there was a little bit of clean up to do. The mess was ok when you can see how pretty it was and the girls had so much fun!


Summary/ Verdict: oh my goodness what fun! It was great fun for the girls and great fun for us mummas watching! Apart from a bit of a clean up at the end, it was easy to prepare and cheap too (the spaghetti was only $1 a packet).

Extensions/ Adaptions: Must remember this when Princess Peanut later on as she can have coloured spaghetti for lunch (well she can do that now, but later on we can learn about the colours). Great for colour recognition and talking about long/short/slimy/cold/etc.
Hiding things was great – later on we could turn that in to a bit of a treasure hunt (find the…).

I even saw a ‘pin’ that used spaghetti to “trace” over letters for writing practice – GENIUS!! why didn’t I think of that when teaching!?



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