Week 7: Ice and Water completed!

7 Mar




The weather yesterday was perfect for our Week 7 activity! Here are the ice cubes that my partner in crime prepared for the girls:Blog IMG_5908


You’ll see in a photo below they looked really cool – the colour centered itself as a ball in the middle of the ice cubes.

Blog IMG_5910

Princess Peanut and SweetPea were straight into the activity, without hesitation. Working on their fine motor and hand-eye coordination by picking up those ice cubes straight away!

Blog IMG_5914

Princess Peanut giving her ice cube a taste test. She didn’t mind that it was cold!

Blog IMG_5916

Here are the ice cubes and you can see those balls of colour inside the cubes! The girls enjoyed chasing them around in the container.

Blog IMG_5920

Here is SweetPea concentrating on picking up a cube!Blog IMG_5933

Ooh it’s cold Princess Peanut!!

Blog IMG_5936

A closer look at the ice cubes!

Blog IMG_5938

It wasn’t long before SweetPea was ready to take a dip – hehe!


Blog IMG_5944

It’s nice and cool in there isn’t it SweetPea!?

Blog IMG_5945

Poor Lambie also took a dunk!

Blog IMG_5948

Hey Princess Peanut! You can’t take Lambie!!

Blog IMG_5952

The water is not so pretty after the ice cubes have melted!

Blog IMG_5971

Lambie taking a bath and Princess Peanut exploring with the ice cube tray lids.

Blog IMG_5975


Ok, I was surprised with this one! Princess Peanut decided to follow SweetPea’s lead and tested the water out! But – oooh it’s cold! She practically jumped out, before turning around and heading straight back in to the container!

Summary/ Verdict: We loved this activity! Perfect for Summer, especially in this run of hot days! I’m hoping to do this again some time this week! Easy to prepare, just have to think ahead to prepare the ice cubes. Cheap – ie. no real expense! and…FUN!!

Extensions/ Adaptions: More ice cubes!!! Because of the heat the ice cubes melted before too long (although the girls got quite a bit of play out of them anyway). Might have to try her blow up pool, or SweetPea’s clam shell next time 😉


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