Week 5: Shaving cream and Gel Sensory bags

23 Feb


So we started off well. Shaving cream – check. Food colouring – check. Zip lock bags – check. Gel – check (Cheap hair gel was hard to find so my partner in crime in this challenge managed to find gel for vases/ flower arranging).

We discussed sealing the bags, which we then sealed along the opening. Pat on the back, we were ready to start….


Here’s the gel used for vases. Pretty don’t you think?

Blog IMG_5708

Well so did Princess Peanut, and while I wasn’t looking she’d swiped it off the table and was exploring it with her mouth!?

Blog IMG_5722

So back on task, we decided to confine sit Princess Peanut down (while SweetPea had a quick rest). Our main problem is that she just wanted to chew on the bag. She wasn’t interested in handling it, touching it, poking at it… just chewing on it. My major concern is that she was pulling it with her teeth! Thoughts of shaving cream in the mouth – eep!

Blog IMG_5729

So crisis averted when my friend taped the bags down to the table, thinking the could poke at it and press it, more or a smoush….  ah yeah, no!

Blog IMG_5736

A quick chat between Sweet Pea and Princess Peanut and our activity was over for the day! Books are so much better anyway….

Summary/ Verdict: hmm…nothing against the activity, but it didn’t work for us today. I can see it working another day though.

Extensions/ Adaptions: the things we learnt today –

  • Tape up ALL edges of the ziplock bags (as the corners burst).
  • Get rid of ALL the air out of the bags before you zip them up! (Not an easy task by the way, as you release the air out, you also squish the shaving cream!)
  • I’m wondering if a small ball, or toy would add a bit of interest in the bag to “chase”?
  • Try this activity with babies who are not interested in biting and chewing (which is soon…right??)

Don’t worry, I will try this one again. But I’ll leave it awhile and hopefully Princess Peanut will not be interested in biting the bag!


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