Week 4 of 52: Fingerpaint Valentine’s day art

13 Feb

Today we completed our Valentine’s artwork. Success! And we are really happy with the result!

So, this is how we started:


The recipe was from Toddler Tastes where you can also find other fingerpaint recipes. For today we just used the “Basic cooked flour finger paint”. I was a bit worried about how it was going to turn out when I was cooking it as it went lumpy. But as it cooled and I gave it another stir them lumps seemed to come out. We also added a bit more water to get a better spreading consistency. We did two colours – pink and red in honour of Valentine’s day


Of course the girls had to give it a bit of a taste test. You wouldn’t think that flour, water and food colouring would be that yummy, but it appears we were mistaken!

We marked off some images with highlighting tape (now I’m sure I have painters masking tape or the like…somewhere….but I couldn’t find it!). Anyway, it worked perfectly, it came off easily!) The inspiration from our artwork came from As Time Flies, which can now be found here.

I also should have taken a photo of the paper before we started..oops. The paper is just some left over, cheap scrapbooking paper (bit thicker than normal paper, but not cardstock. SHOULD have used cardstock, but brain wasn’t switched on. All that paint weakened the paper, but we were lucky and there were no disasters).


Here are the girls. Very involved and having fun! There was lots of taste testing, but the paint was making its way around the paper.


A close up of Princess Peanut’s 2nd artwork.


Another close up. Really getting stuck into it!


SweetPea’s artwork completed.


Look at the concentration of SweetPea!


Both hands, gets more coverage 😉


It was a little messy! But we were prepared for that! The girls had fun!! 😀

SweetPea’s artwork



Princess Peanut’s artwork



Summary/ Verdict: Success! Once cooked, and the paper taped off the activity itself was simple. It would be even more simple of course, with out the masking off! The clean up took some time, but was easy enough too. The remainder of the paint is in the fridge waiting for the next opportunity (I should collect some small containers for different colours).

Extensions/ adaptions: It took us a little while to set up, thinking of the logistics (Read here: MESS!) we opted for the muckmat on the table (the paper wouldn’t fit on the girls’ highchairs). Next time I will cut the paper to fit the highchair tray and tape it down straight away. Also Princess Peanut needs a smock – must go shopping! haha.

I’d like to try some of the other finger paint recipes too. Jelly – who would have thought!!?? Also puff paint! Also of course we should try some contrasting colours.


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