Week 3 of 52: Muffin Tin Fun

7 Feb

So, here we are at Week 3 of our 52 week challenge. And today we completed both the Muffin Tin Fun activity and also the ball sensory bin (or in our case – shopping bag).

In case you missed it, here they are:

Muffin tin activity

Ball sensory bin

So we started off well, collected some different balls, gathered everything we needed and headed over to SweetPea’s house. We set everything up and were raring to go, showing the girls the muffin tins and balls…




And they headed towards the……









So after a little while of trying to entice them with the muffin tins and balls, we decided to switch for a little while and start off with the ball sensory bin – or in our case…the ball sensory bag. The girls had some good fun pulling out the different balls and giving them a bit of a chew and crawling (or walking in the case of SweetPea) around with their new prize.

So then Princess Peanut decided that she would take the balls out of the bag and put them in…..



the muffin tin!!! Hallelujah! (For about 30 seconds – haha)

So we changed tactics again (after several more trips to the bookshelf!) and got out the clam shell! Both SweetPea and Princess Peanut hopped in themselves and got stuck in to playing and exploring.


You can see here the beginning of the end for that poor bookshelf 😉




Such focus!




The girls had good fun playing with the balls, they had a go at throwing and dropping them to make them roll.

Summary/ Verdict: These activities gave the girls both time to explore. They were more interested in picking the balls out of the bag or looking at the books (especially in Princess Peanut’s case…you can’t argue that there is nothing like a good book!). While initially we tried to focus their attention on the muffin tins, we decided to let them be in charge and lead the way on what they wanted to do. And eventually they came back to play with the balls.

I would like to do this again with Princess Peanut, as this week she really took an interest in balls and making games (more about that in another post) and I think she will like the activity when she has the interest and focus.

Extension/ Adaptions for next time: As I said above. I would like to repeat the muffin tin activity and give it another go. I would also like to repeat the ball sensory bin, for the sheer fun of it. Extensions can be more on language (here is the red ball, I have the green ball, you have a little ball, where is the big ball, etc) and gross motor skills of dropping, throwing, rolling with Mumma.

Yay! 3 activities down, 49 to go! ;-)


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