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Week 6: Discovery bottles

28 Feb

Yesterday we made some discovery bottles to add to our collection (I’ve posted a picture of the ones I have made previously, at the end of this post).


Here were the supplies we used, after getting our inspiration from the blogs in Tuesday’s blog post.

Also check out this post at Modern Parents Messy Kids.


Here is Princess Peanut exploring with the first bottle (I initially did one bottle at a time). And as I thought, it went straight in to the mouth! 🙂


Her latest accessory is the pink soccer ball and it must go places with her. So here she is doing her new knee walk, holding her soccer ball and trying to pick up the bottle. Funny girl!


This is the second bottle – filled with rice and pom poms. She liked the sound of this one and gave it a shake straight away!


You can just see the bottle filled with coloured water and baby oil on the left – she wasn’t interested in that one. I thought she might have liked to see the blobs, but it just didn’t take her fancy. She was having a bit of fun here trying to beat me to picking up the bottles.


After she lost interest I thought I would get all the bottles together to take a photo. This gave Princess Peanut an idea to start picking up the bottles and moving them.


That turned in to even more fun when Princess Peanut went into destruct-o mode and started knocking them all down. That gave us some more fun – I would line them up and she would work as fast as she could knocking them down!

Princess Peanut then thought it was a good game to bring me over one bottle at a time to shake. She played this for quite awhile (and again today)


So here are the bottles I made for this week’s challenge.

To the left is a bottle with water, purple food colouring and baby oil. I really like this one. It separates when you shake it and then slowly the oil joins together up the top. I think it’s cool – Princess Peanut wasn’t so interested.

In the middle is a bottle with water, food colouring (blue and green) and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. I had to let out a bit of water in this one as when it foams up it got too full. When you shake this one you can see the colour travel down the foam – cool!

On the right is a bottle with vegetable oil, water and food colouring (pink, even though it looks orange!).


This bottle had to be a bit of a science experiment. I had added plain water first and then some different coloured glitters, which changed the colour of the water to purple (obviously some dye leakage there). I added in some glycerin to slow the glitter down, which worked well. EXCEPT as you can see a lot of the glitter clumped together at the top!


On the left is the bottle with water, coloured glitters and a bit of glycerin after I put a drop of dishwashing liquid in it. It now foams up a bit, but at least it doesn’t clump the glitter together.

On the right is a bottle filled with plain rice and coloured pom poms. I am hoping that as Princess Peanut gets older she will begin to name the colours and it can be like a treasure hunt.


These are the discovery bottle I had previously made.

On the left is a bottle filled with Christmas tinsel. Princess Peanut loved this one for ages. It was light enough for her to hold and carry around when she was on the move and it caught her eye too.

The bottle in the middle is filled with rice and sequins. We used to take this one out with us as Princess Peanut enjoyed the noise it made when she shook it and also the prettiness of the sequins to catch her eye.

On the right the bottle is filled with a chain of Christmas beads. She loves to shake this one as it makes a nice, loud sound!

Summary/ Verdict: I’m a fan!! I love these bottles. It has been fun thinking of different things that will fit inside the bottles that suit a different purpose (visual or auditory). Princess Peanut is a fan too, she got them out herself today to have another play with – bringing them to me to shake, she shook some herself and also, of course, mouthed them!

Extensions/ Adaptions: I can’t wait to make some more (just have to drink a few more drinks 😉 )

The next ones I would like to make are:

  • A marble in water with glycerin
  • Shredded paper and farm animals
  • Shredded cellophane
  • A bottle filled with sparkly pom poms (especially different colours and sizes too)

That should keep us busy for awhile. I am also going to double up and make some more of this week’s bottles to take to playgroup.


New blog badge

27 Feb

For those of you who want to do your own 52 week challenge (non-toddler projects) here is another badge (green badge on the right). Remember your challenge can be ANY of your Pinterest pins, whether it be recipes, things to make, organisation, cleaning, etc.

This challenge is for you to actually do and try some of those pins you are pinning (especially if you are a self-confessed pin-addict like myself!)

Discovery bottles

26 Feb

This week I am going to add to my collection of discovery bottles. I have armed myself with some glycerin and I’m going to do a bit of experimenting tomorrow (hubby the science teacher will be proud!).


Here are some links to some wonderful discovery bottles that I have ‘pinned’


The Imagination Tree

I write this sitting at the kitchen sink

No time for flashcards

Week 5: Shaving cream and Gel Sensory bags

23 Feb


So we started off well. Shaving cream – check. Food colouring – check. Zip lock bags – check. Gel – check (Cheap hair gel was hard to find so my partner in crime in this challenge managed to find gel for vases/ flower arranging).

We discussed sealing the bags, which we then sealed along the opening. Pat on the back, we were ready to start….


Here’s the gel used for vases. Pretty don’t you think?

Blog IMG_5708

Well so did Princess Peanut, and while I wasn’t looking she’d swiped it off the table and was exploring it with her mouth!?

Blog IMG_5722

So back on task, we decided to confine sit Princess Peanut down (while SweetPea had a quick rest). Our main problem is that she just wanted to chew on the bag. She wasn’t interested in handling it, touching it, poking at it… just chewing on it. My major concern is that she was pulling it with her teeth! Thoughts of shaving cream in the mouth – eep!

Blog IMG_5729

So crisis averted when my friend taped the bags down to the table, thinking the could poke at it and press it, more or a smoush….  ah yeah, no!

Blog IMG_5736

A quick chat between Sweet Pea and Princess Peanut and our activity was over for the day! Books are so much better anyway….

Summary/ Verdict: hmm…nothing against the activity, but it didn’t work for us today. I can see it working another day though.

Extensions/ Adaptions: the things we learnt today –

  • Tape up ALL edges of the ziplock bags (as the corners burst).
  • Get rid of ALL the air out of the bags before you zip them up! (Not an easy task by the way, as you release the air out, you also squish the shaving cream!)
  • I’m wondering if a small ball, or toy would add a bit of interest in the bag to “chase”?
  • Try this activity with babies who are not interested in biting and chewing (which is soon…right??)

Don’t worry, I will try this one again. But I’ll leave it awhile and hopefully Princess Peanut will not be interested in biting the bag!

Week 5 of 52: Shaving cream in a bag

19 Feb

This week’s Pinterest challenge comes to you from Growing a Jeweled Rose. It is a baby sensory activity: shaving cream in a bag


Looking forward to a non-messy week this week (We still managed to find finger paint in our highchair the next day! haha).


So who has decided to join me? Remember you don’t have to do the same challenges as me, the idea is to get through the Pinterest pins you have been doing! (I should make another blog badge that is a ‘general’ one)

Week 4 of 52: Fingerpaint Valentine’s day art

13 Feb

Today we completed our Valentine’s artwork. Success! And we are really happy with the result!

So, this is how we started:


The recipe was from Toddler Tastes where you can also find other fingerpaint recipes. For today we just used the “Basic cooked flour finger paint”. I was a bit worried about how it was going to turn out when I was cooking it as it went lumpy. But as it cooled and I gave it another stir them lumps seemed to come out. We also added a bit more water to get a better spreading consistency. We did two colours – pink and red in honour of Valentine’s day


Of course the girls had to give it a bit of a taste test. You wouldn’t think that flour, water and food colouring would be that yummy, but it appears we were mistaken!

We marked off some images with highlighting tape (now I’m sure I have painters masking tape or the like…somewhere….but I couldn’t find it!). Anyway, it worked perfectly, it came off easily!) The inspiration from our artwork came from As Time Flies, which can now be found here.

I also should have taken a photo of the paper before we started..oops. The paper is just some left over, cheap scrapbooking paper (bit thicker than normal paper, but not cardstock. SHOULD have used cardstock, but brain wasn’t switched on. All that paint weakened the paper, but we were lucky and there were no disasters).


Here are the girls. Very involved and having fun! There was lots of taste testing, but the paint was making its way around the paper.


A close up of Princess Peanut’s 2nd artwork.


Another close up. Really getting stuck into it!


SweetPea’s artwork completed.


Look at the concentration of SweetPea!


Both hands, gets more coverage 😉


It was a little messy! But we were prepared for that! The girls had fun!! 😀

SweetPea’s artwork



Princess Peanut’s artwork



Summary/ Verdict: Success! Once cooked, and the paper taped off the activity itself was simple. It would be even more simple of course, with out the masking off! The clean up took some time, but was easy enough too. The remainder of the paint is in the fridge waiting for the next opportunity (I should collect some small containers for different colours).

Extensions/ adaptions: It took us a little while to set up, thinking of the logistics (Read here: MESS!) we opted for the muckmat on the table (the paper wouldn’t fit on the girls’ highchairs). Next time I will cut the paper to fit the highchair tray and tape it down straight away. Also Princess Peanut needs a smock – must go shopping! haha.

I’d like to try some of the other finger paint recipes too. Jelly – who would have thought!!?? Also puff paint! Also of course we should try some contrasting colours.

Week 4 of 52: Valentine’s art

12 Feb

In time for Valentine’s day, it’s only fitting that we do some sort of art don’t you think?

So this week’s pin is a combo. The finger paint recipe comes from: Toddlertastes

and the artwork inspiration comes from As time flies


Let’s hope my tape for masking works…will head off and give it a test now 😉


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