1 of 52 Baby play Playdough – completed

23 Jan

Last night I linked you to the wonderful website of Rainy Day Mum for her Baby Play Playdough – which you can find here. So today Princess Peanut and I went for a playdate at my friend’s house with her SweetPea. We had such a great time completing our first Pinterest challenge!

So feeling inspired after reading Cerys’ experience and already having the playdough made we were ready to roll.

Sidenote – if you are wanting to make your own playdough, Cerys’ recommends this playdough recipe from The Imagination Tree. It is really similar to the one I use:


2 cups of Plain Flour

4 tbs Cream of Tartar

2 tbs cooking oil

1 Cup Salt

food colouring

2 cups of boiling water

Essence (as I said yesterday I used Peppermint)


Mix all ingredients (except for the boiling water) together

Add the boiling water gradually whilst stirring

Turn out mixture and knead

The mixture will congeal as you knead after a few minutes (keep kneading)

You may have to add a little bit of flour to lessen the stickiness

(Must try glycerin next time to compare the silkiness!)

So back to the activity…


Here is SweetPea at the beginning of her exploration. She’s quite an inquisitive and hands-on girl, so was straight into the playdough breaking off little bits.


Here is Princess Peanut, hesitant as usual 😉 She is not a fan of different textures, so I can see that we need to work on that with our Pinterest challenges! 🙂


SweetPea really getting her hands in to her playdough!

IMG_5383 IMG_5385

Still Princess Peanut was not sure of this playdough. A few pokes and prodes and snatching her hand back away!


After a little guidance SweetPea began experimenting with the different tools on her playdough.


And so did Princess Peanut


A little taste test from both girls (they both screwed up their noses!!)


And both played with just the tools – banging tools together, exploring how they felt in their mouths (of course).


Princess Peanut looking very excited….haha


SweetPea getting right into it!


Princess Peanut experimenting by using her lunch box and tapping it on her playdough!

At the end of our play Princess Peanut decided she had enough and dropped bits down to the floor one by one. She was then under SweetPea’s chair, where SweetPea decided that she would hand Princess Peanut bits of her playdough one by one. Ahh, bless ❤

Summary/ Verdict – A nice easy, cheap and successful Pinterest Project. Thank you Cerys for the inspiration!

Extension/ Adaptions for next time – I would like to try the glycerin in the recipe, which will also give Princess Peanut a different texture to try. The girls didn’t seem to notice the scent of the playdough (peppermint), but us mumma’s are considering trying some other Pinterest ideas including – lavendar playdough, basil playdough, gingerbread playdough, etc. Options are limitless and as the girls get older they will experiment and “play” more. I plan on repeating the activity later in the week for Princess Peanut so she can have another go of feeling it in her hands!

Now to decide on our 2nd Pinterest Project….! 😀


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