And so it begins…

22 Jan

Hi!  I am about to embark on a project that I have set myself. You see I’m a little bit of a Pinterest addict (self-confessed) and do lots of pinning. Well I love collecting lots of ideas, but what’s the point of collecting these wonderful, life-changing ideas if you never use them!?

So this is the basis of my project. A way to implement these ideas into my little life. So what ideas you ask? Well that’s the second part of my project. I am now the mumma of a one-year old (how on earth did that happen?!). And this little darling (Princess Peanut) is the centre of my life. I am lucky to be a full-time stay-at-home mumma with a very supportive and understanding hubby (AKA Mr Wonderful).  So these ideas/ projects will all be based around Peanut.

But before I was a mumma I was a teacher. First an instrumental teacher (that seems like a million and one years ago sometimes!) and then a Primary school teacher, mainly teaching Prep (5 year olds).  So as you can now imagine I have a passion for both music and education. Whilst I’m not ready to head back to the classroom just yet, I like to keep my head in the game!

So here’s my project – choose 52 Pinterest projects and complete one a week with Peanut. Sounds simple enough? My aim is to link you back to the original, clever ideas person and comment on the activity, extensions/modifications, ease of setting up and completing the activity, cost, educational benefits, etc.  But most of all it will be a chance for Peanut and I to enjoy each other’s company and to grow and learn together!

Each fortnight we are lucky enough to have a playdate and we will be joined by a mother’s group friend and her gorgeous daughter (also a one-year-old).

So here we go…52 activities (with hopefully some bonus ones along the way as we progress)..

52 weeks


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